The German Cancer Breakthrough

Basically because it relies on chemotherapy, among the reasons why traditional cancer remedy is this kind of gloomy disappointment inside the United States is. But you can see these photos for yourself in case you have usage dr.ronald of a catalogue that collects medical magazines that are German. Doctors generally speaking prefer to cut since — let's encounter it — it's the things they do. You've likely seen the adage, once your device that was only can be a hammer But this competent German surgeon I questioned often suggests against cancer surgery.

Having toured 29 cancer clinics in five nations, I want to tell you about the astounding cancer breakthrough in Indonesia...a beautiful growth which makes the hellish melanoma therapies in the USA obsolete. M.D, the great German doctor Hans Nieper, addressed him while Ronald Reagan got melanoma during his presidency. I've surveyed many National doctors who've been hassled by boards or perhaps the government.

I named the Reagan Library to find out when the Library could validate or refuse that Nieper treated President Reagan in-May of 1985. She would neither verify nor reject that he was handled by Dr. Nieper, although she admitted that Reagan was in Germany in May of 1985. She told me, after his presidency are unavailable.” In September of 1985, Dr. Nieper flew to America for attending Reagan in his clinic recovery bedroom, and President Reagan's personal medical records during, based on my supply.